Acupuncture for PCOS & Infertility

Acupuncture for fertility

Acupuncture for PCOS and Infertility!

Through the years after my diagnosis my PCOS & endometriosis symptoms were becoming more painful. My Dr began prescribing me various birth control pills, all of which gave me horrible side effects. The birth control pills caused migraines, hair loss, weight gain, pain, you name it! In late 2009 I started to look for alternative solutions. At the time I was experiencing horrible lower back pain and crushing menstrual cramps. I came across a coupon for an acupuncturist in my area- I did a quick check of his website and he seemed legit.

I was very hesitant to do acupuncture as I hate needles and was really uneducated about the whole acupuncture concept. All I knew was that celebrities did it and people were swearing by it.

The acupuncturist was a Chinese man who got his original degree in China and then was further licensed in California. He asked me a series of medical questions and then asked me what I was looking to get help with. I told him that I needed immediate pain relief for my lower back and then overall treatment of my PCOS & endometriosis- I did not ask for fertility treatment.

Acupuncture Basics

  • Must be a Certified and Licensed Practitioner.
  • They should accept insurance and not ask for a tip. (*some smaller practices may not take insurance)
  • Needles should be pretty pain free, no bruising, etc. Sharp pain is not good, although dull pain maybe ok.
  • Check Yelp and other review sites before you make your appointment.
  • Fertility Acupuncturists- will mainly focus on fertility and your stomach area. I went to a general acupuncturist, not a fertility specialist.

What to Expect at the Acupuncturist

  • You’ll be asked to fill out an intake form, listing your symptoms and conditions. As well as a checklist of items.
  • You’ll be asked about the exact days of your menstrual cycle.
  • I suggest wearing a tank top and shorts. I have never been asked to undress.
  • You’ll lie down and the acupuncturist will begin inserting the needles. They shouldn’t hurt, but you may feel a tiny pinch.
  • Once all needles are inserted the acupuncturist will most likely leave the room and let you relax. You will need to lay still.
  • Acupuncturist will return and remove needles, asking how you feel, etc.
  • They will then (more than likely) ask you to flip over so they can put needles on your back.
  • That’s it. They may also recommend herbs, etc. Beware of up-sell, ask for the herbs name so you can research and purchase somewhere cheaper (if desired).

I laid there with my acupuncture needles for 20 minutes, no pain at all! The acupuncturist then took the needles out and asked me to stand up, walk down the hallway, and then rate my lower back pain. The pain had definitely lessened but I could still feel it. He told me to lay down again for round two. More needles.

After round two my lower back pain was gone. Whether it was real or mental – that pain was gone! I made appointments for every Friday for the next 5 weeks. That’s right- I only went 5 times…. apparently that was enough! 

Three months after my last acupuncture appointment I woke up with the worst nipple pain EVER! I quickly Googled it and ‘pregnancy symptoms’ were my first results. I freaked and ran to the store to buy a pregnancy test. It was positive!!

After 7 years I was pregnant and the only change to my lifestyle was acupuncture- and I give it full credit for my pregnancy!





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    Mark says:

    It can be occasionally painful. Say 1 out of 20 needles might hurt a bit, but most patients don’t mind because 80% report feeling very relaxed during treatment. So I suppose they forget or forgive the occasional discomfort.

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      PCOS Girl says:

      Yes, they might hurt slightly- but it’s more of a pinch then anything. But if the needles are really hurting, I would suggest finding a new acupuncturist. I’ve never felt more than a very slight pinch.

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