Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Ultrasound photoIt had been about 3 months since my last acupuncture treatment when I started to feel funny. I didn’t realize it then but now that I look back I see how obvious these early pregnancy symptoms were.

My periods were never regular and usually very short (2-3 days). So I mistook implantation bleeding with an actual period. I remember waking up around 9am one Saturday morning and feeling so lazy. Lazier than I have ever felt. I ended up staying in bed until 2pm. I wasn’t sleeping – my body was just exhausted. That was the first pregnancy symptom I had and missed.

A week or so after this I awoke to the most painful nipples, they felt like they were going to explode off my chest. I grabbed my phone and Googled it and ‘pregnancy symptoms’ were the top results.

I drove straight to CVS and bought three different brands of pregnancy tests. A million thoughts flooded my mind. My fiance and I had only been engaged 4 months and our wedding was planned for 6 months from now- I would be very pregnant. My fiance and I had discussed my infertility and went years without any signs of pregnancy.

The first pregnancy test was positive within a nanosecond. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t smile, I couldn’t move. I was literally paralyzed with shock. The other 2 tests were also positive. It was official, I was pregnant.

I went 7 years without getting pregnant. I firmly believe that acupuncture helped me conceive. No doubt!

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