How to Feel Happy & Girly

PCOS Depression and Hormone Imbalance

This article is not meant to be shallow or push the idea of what a woman should look like etc. This is simply meant to help any of you PCOS sufferers who struggle with hormone imbalance and depression, to feel more girly and put a smile back on your face.

These two symptoms can wreak havoc on your moods, personality, and appearance. They might not affect all PCOS sufferers, but they definitely affected me! I would watch as all my friends would be working out, getting manicures, spending time doing their makeup and going out at night. Well I was more comfortable with my hair in a ponytail, sweats on, and watching a movie at home. Which of course is fine, but not as an everyday thing (at least not for me).

One day I was going through old photos searching for a cute TBT (throw-back-thursday) pic and I noticed how pre-PCOS I was super cute. Not in the vain way, I’m referring to my outfits, makeup, straightened hair, and most of all the giant smile on my face. I realized then that this current state I was in was not really me. I missed the ‘happy & girly’ days. I’m sure my husband missed those days too!

Depression can easily sneak into your life. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as they show on TV, it can be mild, like no longer going out with friends, staying inside more than going outside, and looking in the mirror and feeling ‘eh’. I knew that the root of my mild depression and my tomboy-esque look was PCOS. Our hormones are out of whack- which cause our man vs. woman hormones to get all mixed up (hence PCOS symptoms of thinning hair, hair growth on the body, acne, etc.).

I decided to make small changes in hopes to bring back the light I used to have. I wanted to feel cute and girly.

Easy Cosmetic Changes

  • Paint your nails. I don’t like manicures, so I paint my nails at night, sleep, and then wake up and take a shower- scratching off the paint that leaked around my nail- the water allows it to peel right off!). Color wise I like Reds (Nov.-Feb.), Purples (March-May), Pinks (June-August) and Peach (Sept.-Oct.). It’s a funny thing how adding a touch of girly color to your fingers and toes can lift your mood and make you feel pretty.
  • Blow Dry & Style your Hair. I am queen of throwing wet hair in a bun and being done. I always have hair envy, so taking a few minutes to do your hair makes a big difference. My husband started complimenting my hair- this made me feel so great! That extra 20 minutes to blow-dry or that extra $40 to have a pro do it- is priceless to me.
  • Makeup. My makeup is as simple as my hair was, I barely ever took time to apply it. I read an article about Carrie Underwood where she said she wears make-up everyday- for her. Because it makes her feel good. So I decided to make an effort to always wear makeup when leaving the house. This was for no-one else’s benefit- and I think I look fine with no makeup- but I loved how an extra sparkle made me feel. I went to Target and bought some in season shiny lip gloss. I wore that with some powder and mascara. Simple, but I made an effort and I was proud of the effort and the result.
  • Earrings. Always wear the same pair? Switch out your earrings for a festive and bright pair. Hilary Duff always wears statement earrings and I love how they look!

Health Changes

  • Light Dinners & Walking. See my article about eating light dinners and always working out after eating your last meal of the day. I followed the advice in this article (about improving fertility) and ended up losing 7 pounds almost right away. Read about it HERE.
  • Eat Healthy. Start removing one bad thing from your diet and replace with something more healthy. Take it slow, so you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Eating healthy does not mean deprivation, it means replacing bad with good, and lowering the amount of the bad stuff you eat. Read my post about PCOS diet ideas HERE. Also see my post about how to make veggies taste better HERE. Try to eat organic as well, you can buy organic foods at Wal-Mart, Target, Grocery Stores, Costco, Trader Joe’s – pretty much anywhere these days.
  • Sleep. I sleep all the time, but my issue is sleeping at night. You really need to be on a schedule so your body can truly rest. Try to go to bed around the same time every night- getting at least 7 hours of solid sleep.
  • Get Out/Work Out. When you’re feeling slightly depressed, going outside seems like a big deal and you end up staying home. Working out gets your endorphins up, making you feel happy, eating healthy keeps you feeling light and keeps your sugars leveled. Our bodies and our minds need sunlight and social interaction (as little as saying ‘Hi’ to the Starbucks barista). Add short walks during your lunch break, or walk the dog before work. Shop at an outdoor mall, go to the beach, or do yard work.

And lastly – try to do something that you think is cool, and that makes you feel good, as long as it’s healthy.

What do I mean by that? For me, getting a Starbucks drink and walking through a mall makes me feel cool, so I always get one- it’s a little push of my confidence that costs me about $3, plus I love the taste. I have a friend who wears a scarf every time she goes outside- it’s her thing- it makes her feel good. Don’t underestimate the value of these little things that make you feel ‘cool’. When I paint my nails red I feel amazing- it can change my entire mood!

Once I have that good feeling then it begins to pour into other stuff, like, well I should eat that salad today (since I have red nails- lol), I should take that extra walk, I should go out with my hubby tonight, etc.

Are there anythings that make you feel cool & good? Any tips you have to feel more girly or get out of the depression slump?



  1. Avatar
    Kawisakatste Jackson says:

    I loved this article, it made me happy! Thanks for the little reminder to take a few minutes for myself!
    -Kawisakatste xo

    • Avatar
      PCOS Girl says:

      Thanks! This is the one of the areas I fail in. But really taking time for yourself drastically changes your mood and outlook. I actually add this stuff to my calendar, like ‘paint nails tonight’ – lol!

  2. Avatar
    Shania says:

    This brought a couple tears to my eyes because what you described above is exactly what I do and my fiance finds it annoying that I would rather sit at home and read a book then do anything else and I could never explain it but now that I know it’s because of my pcos it will be easier to explain

    • Avatar
      PCOS Girl says:

      I also started an anti-inflammatory routine (I just blogged about it) and I think it is helping with the whole always wanting to stay at home thing. I also incorporated probiotics into my diet- funny how subtle changes tweak your mentality. But still more often than not I’m at home. I’m always fighting that PCOS depression.

  3. Avatar
    Joanny says:

    I thought I was the only one, Im the same I just stay at home watching TV with no motivation of doing anything at all, its hard for me to find something that make me happy, and I don’t know what to believe of all things here in the internet for PCOS there is so much I just get frustrated sometimes.

    • Avatar
      PCOS Girl says:

      It’s so hard to get motivated! I have to force myself out the door. Probiotics, diet and exercise increase my motivation and drive but it’s not a permanent fix- it’s a daily struggle.

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