A little PCOS Rant

Dear PCOS –  Thank You for taking the fun out of being a GIRL!

Sad PCOS Girl

This post offers no research, no facts, just plain ole’ complaining. It’s my outlet to relieve all this pent up PCOS frustration.

  • Thank you PCOS for giving me ZERO sex drive, my husband appreciates that too!
  • Thank you PCOS for giving me middle school style acne.
  • Thank you PCOS for making me an emotional roller coaster, I would love to get through a tv show without crying- for no reason!
  • Thank you PCOS for giving me incredible fatigue, there’s nothing better than wanting to stay in bed all day, everyday.
  • Thank you PCOS for this jiggly belly. Pair this belly with my acne- quite a combo!
  • Thank you PCOS for making conceiving almost impossible, I always wanted to spend thousands on fertility treatments!
  • Thank you PCOS for making me want to eat every sugar coated food I see. Glazed donut anyone, sure I’ll take 10!
  • Thank you PCOS for not making me feel girly. While all my friends are primping to go out, I’m popping kitkats on the couch, about to cry, over nothing.
  • Thank you PCOS for not having a cure. I love experimenting with supplements, medicines, and acupuncture…daily.

And finally…

  • Thank you PCOS for being the one disease that no one else has really heard of, so they assume you’re just an excuse, a little made up thing that I use to get out of being skinny, having babies, going out, etc.

PCOS Rant 1


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