PCOS after Pregnancy

pcos after pregnancy - pcos girlPCOS After Pregnancy

I wanted to let everyone know about my experience with PCOS after pregnancy. In my case PCOS came back right away and with a vengeance! If I would have known this while pregnant I would have been more prepared and started treatment immediately.

Immediately after having my child I noticed that my milk supply was not as high as it should be. I drank Mother’s Milk tea and took supplements but was not able to get a full milk supply. After doing some research I saw that this was common with women who had PCOS.

About a week after the birth I started feeling crazy anxiety, I was nervous to go to the store, drive anywhere, etc. This is also common with post-par tum, but I did not have any other p-p symptoms. This was the start of my PCOS comeback.

During the first 2 months after my son’s birth I lost 30 of the 50 pounds I had gained. But starting in month 3 I began gaining it back! I was eating healthy and walking, yet gaining about a pound a week. I regained almost all 30 pounds during the following year. During this year I was working out at least 3x a week, walking everyday and eating healthy at about 1200 calories a day. The weight gain starting in month 3 was attributed to PCOS. I was craving sugar like crazy starting about the 3 month mark as well, although I didn’t give in and really fought that craving.

I also began experiencing pain in my ovaries, I went to my doctor almost every three months during my first year and a half post-par tum. They did ultrasounds and bloodwork, nothing crazy going on or giant cysts– just normal PCOS.

My face and neck started breaking out around the 6 month post-par tum time frame, I also started feeling incredibly fatigued (yes, I realize all moms get tired 😉 ) My mood swings and instant rage never really went away, I was crazy all through my pregnancy and still am today! 🙂

And the biggest PCOS after pregnancy symptom— no more fertility! I thought that I would be able to get pregnant again right away, well around 6 months post-par tum. But NO! We began trying at lil ones 6 month mark and still continue to try! Such a bummer. My friend who also suffers from PCOS went straight on birth control pills after her child’s birth. When they were ready to try for #2 she got off the BC pills and was pregnant the next month!!!

Here’s what I would have done differently, immediately after child birth:

  • Started Metformin or Birth Control Pills (just until trying for baby #2)
  • Started Acupuncture beginning at 3 months post-par tum
  • Started PCOS Supplements immediately after child birth

Did anyone else experience PCOS after pregnancy symptoms?