What is DHEA?

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is becoming a big deal in the world of infertility and weight control. DHEA supplements help with adrenal fatigue. Read my Adrenal Fatigue blog here.

DHEA is a natural hormone produced by your two adrenal glands. It’s responsible for keeping your sugars balanced, keeping your cortisol in check, and regulating your estrogen/testosterone. Which means that a lack of natural DHEA will cause sugar imbalances and irregular hormones (i.e. weight gain, depression, low sex drive, and infertility).

How to test DHEA levels

Doctors can test your DHEA levels and see if you actually do have adrenal fatigue. If your DHEA levels are low then your doctor can prescribe a supplement (either a pill or under the tongue drops) and monitor you on it. Your doc will probably test your various hormone levels throughout your treatment.

DHEA Side Effects

DHEA supplements can cause women to see a rise in testosterone, i.e hair growth, acne, belly fat, etc. So it’s very important to take it under a Dr.’s supervision! DHEA also has positive side effects if taken correctly, it can cause weight loss, hormonal balance, fertility and more!

I’ve read tons of stories of how DHEA has helped women lose weight, conceive, have more energy, be happier and more! When taken correctly it can literally change your life- for the better!!

I will update this post once I have been on the DHEA supplements for at least a few months. I’ll provide a detailed blog of all my changes, tests, etc.

Look around at the listings on Amazon- reading reviews thoroughly and discuss with your doctor.
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    ummabdullah says:

    Your post was really helpful girl! Please post an update if you tried dhea..m suffering from pcos myself and hv been wanting to try it out.

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    julie says:

    I had my left kidney removed and afterwards i had hormones racing and emotions overwhelming. Thanks for the info. I plan on talking to my doctor about this.

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