PCOS and Soy

PCOS and Soy  PCOS & SOY

Depending on where and what you read,PCOS and  Soy is either a ‘yes’ or a definite ‘never’ when it comes to PCOS treatment and diets. The compounds in soy mimic estrogen, and doctors continually debate about whether this is helpful or dangerous to women with PCOS.

This is a really informative article to read about Soy and Estrogen Dominance.

I never ate soybeans growing up, although there are gmo soy products in almost everything we eat. I was introduced to edamame (soybeans) about 6 months before I conceived my son. My husband ate them all the time and so we started substituting them for chips and salty snacks. I was eating roughly 1 cup a day or so.

My periods starting becoming more regular and I did see some improvements in my mood and PMS symptoms. I never expected nor researched soybeans before I started taking them. It was purely a new food choice and after eating it for a while and seeing my body change I realized that there might be a connection.

I think the soybeans actually aided in my fertility and my pregnancy with my son. I also used acupuncture and strongly believe that was a huge factor in my actual conceiving. I believe the marriage of the two made the perfect fertility storm!

Read more about soybeans HERE.





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