PCOS and Sugar Cravings

PCOS and Sugar Cravings

Have PCOS and Sugar cravings? Addicted to sugar? Me too!! I could eat sugar for all three meals and the snacks in between! I once took a trip to Europe and survived off sugar! I ate donuts, pastries, breads, cookies and cake for two whole weeks, needless to say it wreaked havoc on my body and I got really sick. Some people crave steak, alcohol, or pasta- but me for me it has always been sugar!

I didn’t realize that this craving was a result of my PCOS. My constant low blood sugar led me to crave more and more sugar! This is a major reason why PCOS sufferers are often overweight. The low blood sugar is due to Hypoglycemia a disorder that pretty much goes hand-in-hand with PCOS.

I am able to control my PCOS sugar cravings when I completely stop processed sugar intake- like ZERO sugar! I am an all or nothing girl, I can never just eat one, or just go and eat it once- sugar is an addiction just like smoking or drug use. When I completely cut out processed sugar I don’t crave it, I feel better mentally and I typically lose a couple pounds from the detox.

I wish I could say that I avoid sugar for years, but my detox usually only lasts for like 3 month spurts. Although I never fully fall off the wagon there will be moments when I grab a donut or two… but then feel bad and go back to the detox.

I wonder if PCOS sufferers who do not have Hypoglycemia also crave so much sugar?



  1. Julie Wilkins says:

    Hi! I just found your website and it’s very informative! I was diagnosed with PCOS in Oct 2013 at the age of 30. I’ve fought sugar addiction for YEARS! PCOS explains it, for me at least. I could eat my weight in sweet stuff — chocolate, cake, brownies — I never get enough. I’ve made a lifestyle change over the past year to a typical Paleo (gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free) diet and it helps a lot with the cravings. I’ve been tested for hypoglycemia and don’t have it. Fruit helps take the edge off my cravings, and I really like Enjoy Life! Chocolate Chips (dairy-, soy- and nut-free chocolate) on occasion. But sometimes a girl just has to have something sweet and decadent. 🙂

    • PCOS Girl says:

      I think I’m going towards Paleo too (minus the red meat)! I just came across Enjoy Life chocolate too!! Trying to stay away from sweets is soo hard, I’ve been curving it with Cuties and apples, excited that berry season is here! Thanks for visiting my site 🙂

      I wonder why your cravings are so strong without the Hypoglycemia! More for me to research!

      • Julie Wilkins says:

        I think my cravings may have something to do with my hormone imbalance. I’m trying the natural approach — without birth control pills, progesterone or metformin — and my estrogen tends to go haywire every few months with bouts of estrogen dominance. I think that may have something to do with the sugar cravings. Over the past month I’ve added Iron-Tek Glutamine powder to my diet on days that I workout. I don’t know if it’s just in my head, but i think it really helps curb the cravings too.

    • Julia says:

      I’ve found that Larabars really help when I’m craving something sweet (which is often). They’re yummy and paleo 🙂

      • PCOS Girl says:

        I’ll have to try them! I was also just introduced to Power Crunch bars- sold at Trader Joe’s. Apparently they’re huge in the Crossfit world. They filled me up!

  2. Patricia says:

    I did not know this was due to PCOS, I also crave sugars like crazy, I mean it! I share your pain, and I will have my doctor look into that!

  3. Bailey Poiron says:

    Hi, new to knowing about my PCOS. Being very young and I’ve been looking for blogs to read. I found yours very intriguing. I am not overwieght, and have good blood pressure. I have always loved sugar but man do I just crave it like crazy, I thought I could be pre diabetic by now with How much I eat. Diabetes also runs in my family so I do try to watch the sugar but I can’t stop. Couldn’t believe the doc when he said my sugar levels are perfect, and I still crave it this much. Don’t get it.

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