PCOS Diagnosis

Image of a polycystic ovaryAfter high school I began working front desk for a Reproductive Endocrinologist. At the time I was suffering from horrible acne. I had perfectly clear skin until that point, just assumed I was due for a good breakout! One day at work the doctor looked at me and said ‘that’s not normal acne’ he ordered some tests and ultrasounds for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had zero education regarding anything medical, especially in the hormone department.

I went in for all the testing that following week, this included a 3-hr fasting blood draw. That 3-hr blood draw was horrible! Then came the ultrasound, and they immediately found a large cyst on my fallopian tube and small cysts filling each ovary. I then met with the doctor to go over all the results.

He started going over my labs, my 3-hr lab showed border line Type-2 diabetes (very common with PCOS). Next he pulled up images from the ultrasounds, the small cysts I saw, in conjunction with the blood tests showed that I more than likely had PCOS. The large cyst was about the size of an orange and would probably need to be surgically removed if they couldn’t shrink it using hormones. The doctor also believed I had endometriosis. At this point he told me that my chances of naturally conceiving were very slight. I would need infertility treatments and those weren’t a guarantee. I was just a teenager and I was crushed. I officially had a PCOS diagnosis and endometriosis diagnosis.

Six months after my initial diagnosis and failed hormone treatments – I had laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst on my fallopian tube. When I awoke from surgery they informed me that they had to remove my right fallopian tube, because the cyst had wrapped around the tube.They also confirmed the presence of endometriosis on both ovaries.

Since my diagnosis I have spend every moment struggling, researching, experimenting, and complaining about my PCOS diagnosis. The symptoms never go away and the struggle always stays the same. Hopefully there will be an effective medication to treat PCOS very soon!!

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