PCOS Girlfriend or Wife

PCOS Girlfriend- Understanding your Girlfriend's PCOSSo Your Girlfriend or Wife Has PCOS…. Now What.

I want to welcome all the guys who might land here in hopes of understanding a little bit about PCOS and their partner. Kudos to you for taking the time to search, research, and understand PCOS. I like you already!

PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome, but polycycstic ovaries are only one of many symptoms of this endocrine disorder. PCOS affects over 5 million women in the US alone!

#1 There is NO Cure for PCOS

The first thing you need to know about PCOS is that right now there is NO official medication or cure for PCOS. However, there are supplements, medications, and lifestyle changes that can ease the symptoms of PCOS.  Treatment plans are dependent on the PCOS symptoms your girlfriend or wife are experiencing.

#2 PCOS Symptoms

The symptoms are real! Trust me, your girlfriend or wife is not making up excuses, isn’t lazy, and isn’t crazy- lol.

The most common PCOS symptoms are: Weight gain, acne, irritability, mood swings, fatigue, depression, anxiety, irregular periods, low sex drive, and sugar cravings. PCOS Symptoms Blog.

PCOS symptoms can come out of nowhere. Don’t be surprised if your better half is smiling, then crying, and then yelling- all within five minutes. She also (like I do) prefer to stay inside or not have the drive to go out- depression is real with PCOS, luckily probiotics, diet and exercise can help with this. But please be understanding with your girlfriend/wife. Weight gain and the inability to lose weight is also a rough topic for us PCOS girls. We can watch our diet and work out daily – only to barely maintain our current weight. Do you know how hard that is for us?

What causes these PCOS symptoms? Well, they’re not quite sure. What researchers have discovered is that insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances play a part. Many of the PCOS symptoms are correlated with testosterone imbalances, estrogen imbalances, or progesterone imbalances.

#3 What about Infertility

It’s true, PCOS inhibits fertility for most women. BUT it’s not game over. There are many fertility boosters and treatments that have helped many of us (myself included) get pregnant. Checkout my Checklist for Conceiving.

Those treatments range from:

  • PCOS supplements (inositol, maca, soy isoflavones, etc.)
  • Prescription drugs like progesterone suppositories, Metformin, Clomid, and Letrozole.
  • Ovulation trigger shots
  • IUI, IVF, and IVM
  • Diet and exercise also play a major role in fertility

#4 PCOS Treatments for Symptoms

While there’s no cure, there are some treatment options to help your girlfriend or wife cope with her symptoms.

  • Prescription drugs like: Metformin, which helps regulate blood glucose levels and Spironolactone, which helps decrease acne and unwanted hair growth.
  • Diet and exercise: Cutting out dairy, processed sugars, and carbs as well as adding daily exercise help moods and insulin levels.
  • PCOS supplements: Prenatal vitamins, vitamin B&D, probiotic, inositol, and many more. See my PCOS Supplements list.

A healthy organic diet, mixed with daily exercise and the right supplements can majorly help PCOS symptoms.

#5 What Can You Do To Help?

Well boyfriend or husband, this is a great first step! Understanding what your partner is dealing with, understanding that it’s out of her control, and trying to help her combat the symptoms is the best thing you can do.

  • Encourage and support healthy eating and exercise.
  • Be understanding with mood swings- did you know that you can probably track ‘bad mood’ days? Typically they fall during certain days of a women’s cycle- when her hormones dive or jump. I know exactly when my moods are expected to dip and when I’m in my best moods.
  • Understand that infertility is a big deal- and she probably feels super guilty- and that she’s letting you down.
  • Make her feel beautiful- PCOS symptoms include weight gain, acne, dark spots, skin tags, tubular breasts, and thinning hair. Just remind them how beautiful you find them (:
  • Understand it’s not you- and it’s not her- PCOS has it’s own mind. She’s not crazy and she’s not meaning to take it out on you- it just happens.

Thanks again to all the guys who have stopped by, read this and are willing to help and support their loved one! If you have any other questions or comments leave them below!