PCOS Hypoglycemia

PCOS and hypoglycemia

PCOS Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia (and sometimes hyperinsulinism), is often diagnosed in conjunction with PCOS. Hypoglycemia means you have low blood sugar. When your blood sugar gets low you get shaky, anxious, dizzy and can even pass out.

Because of our low blood sugar we have a tendency to always crave sugars and breads. That’s me for sure! I used to live off donuts, brownies and cookies! I once took a trip to Europe and survived solely on sugar… which in hindsight was a horrible idea!

If I don’t eat meals frequently then I:  A) fly into a rage B) cry C) feel nauseous & light headed or D) get shaky. Crying in public is not cute, unless you’re a toddler, so I always have a cereal bar or some kind of snack in my bag.

The only way to control this is through diet & exercise and/or prescription Metformin. If we can control the PCOS Hypoglycemia then in theory we would have an easier time losing weight and getting pregnant!!!

My secret to fighting PCOS Hypoglycemia is Orange juice and oranges! In fact eating oranges helped me reach my weight loss goals. You can read about my PCOS diet here.


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    Debbie Halstead says:

    Hi! Your website is just what i needed. Been searching for anything for PCOS. I’m also doing Young Living Oils as well. I will try your diet plan. I’m not losing weight and I have a Lap band as well. It seemed to work at first, Now it so hard to loose weight. I was wondering if i could eat Frozen Yogurt instead of ice cream.. Thank you so much for your blog.

    Have a blessed day!
    Debbie Halstead

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