Where to Shop: Natural and Organic Foods

PCOS HealthDeals on Organic Foods

I’m a frugal girl, but I know the importance of eating natural and organic foods, especially with PCOS. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the best deals on different products. I rarely shop in traditional grocery store chains and instead split my grocery list between Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Walmart Supercenter, Whole Foods, and farmers markets.  I don’t go to all these stores in one day. I spread them out and hit them up when I’m in the area.

The list below are the cheapest finds I’ve found!

Frozen Foods

  • Trader Joe’s- Cheap organic pizzas, nitrate free frozen turkey corn dogs, tons of natural frozen dinners (taquitos, Indian fare, fish sticks, wild caught fish & more)
  • Wal-mart Supercenter- Amy’s Pizza! Organic burritos, waffles & more. All Wal-Mart’s have varying items, so these may not be stocked at your store.

Meats and Deli

  • Whole Foods- Great deli- nice selection of cheeses and meats. Organic & natural meats.
  • Trader Joe’s- Great selection of packaged sausages, antibiotic and hormone free ground turkey, nitrate free lunch meat, organic chicken & beef.

Dairy and Eggs

  • Wal-mart Supercenter- Organic and RSBT free yogurt, way cheaper then any other store!!
  • Trader Joe’s- Organic Eggs, Milk, Cottage Cheese and butter- you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

Baby Food

  • Amazon.com- Subscribe and save deals cut the prices of Organic baby pouches, formula and canned foods.

Dry Snacks and Breads

  • Sprouts and Whole Foods- Great dry food aisles and their store brands are cheap! Sprouts typically carry local breads and tortillas.
  • Trader Joe’s- Organic, natural and sprouted breads. Organic tortilla chips, cheese sandwich crackers and more!
  • Wal-mart Supercenter- They carry healthy cereals like Kashi. Some stores carry organic cereal bars.


  • Farmers Markets- fresh and usually cheap.
  • Whole Foods- Tons of variety! Lot’s of sales.
  • Trader Joe’s – Cheapest organic produce around! They offer fresh and frozen organic fruits & veggies.


  • Wal-mart Supercenter & Target- Annie’s Macaroni and pasta products.
  • Trader Joe’s- Good selection of wheat, rice and corn pastas. Organic & all-natural pasta sauces.

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